Creative Spaces: Eclectic Tea

I know lots of lovely artists and crafters so thought I would share with you their inspiring Creative Spaces in this new area of my blog. These mini interviews offer a sneak peek into other artists worlds, I hope you enjoy them and find inspiration for your own space!

To start us off here is the lovely Creative Space of Ranjit Baki, owner and ceramic artist at Eclectic Tea, who wouldn’t love this wonderful creative space at the bottom of their garden…

Where is your creative space?

My creative space is my studio at the bottom of the garden.

The Eclectic Tea Studio

What do you have in your creative space that inspires you?

I find it really helpful to be surrounded by my finished ceramics as they give me a sense of achievement and creative energy when i’m sitting alone at night tired, with a night of work ahead. I also love to use my own ceramics and my ‘Big love’ mug is always used for copious amounts of tea.

The lovely ceramics of Eclectic Tea

What do you see while you are working in your creative space?

My view is of my garden and usually my two girls running around. I find it comforting as inside my studio is my creative hub and right outside it is my ‘other world’ of domesticity, my children and yes washing lines!

View from Eclectic Tea studio

What do you sit on in your creative space?

I sit on my comfy red chair with my favourite cushion as a back rest. I love the colours.

Chair of an artist

What do you listen to in your creative space?

You will usually find me listening to various stations from Radio 1 to Radio 4 (depending on how high brow i’m feeling!), on my beautiful Roberts Radio.

Roberts Radio

Share your Creative Space

Thanks for sharing your Creative Space with us Ranjit! your space looks lovely and matches the Eclectic Tea brand perfectly. I particularly love all the polka dots and your love of red shines through. I hope to visit your creative space some day and drink tea from one of those fabulous mugs! LJ x

If you would like your Creative Space to feature on the PhotoCraft blog get in touch today!


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  1. Marna
    May 8, 2013

    Stunning place to work as Lynsey says matches you perfectly. Do you like red then.;) xx